Accelleran at Sonic Labs event

London, UK, March 29th 2023

On March 29th, an exceptional gathering of Open RAN vendors participated in a panel and networking session at Digital Catapult‘s Sonic Labs programme facility at Kings Cross. The Sonic Labs collaboration to date has involved 15 vendors and 36 O-RAN products, including Accelleran, which has conducted comprehensive end-to-end interoperability and performance scalability testing at the facility.

Arnaud Polster, Chief Sales Officer at Accelleran, as part of the panel, shared insights on Accelleran’s involvement in Sonic Labs, the evolving O-RAN market, and the present and future capabilities of the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC). Arnaud was joined on the panel by: Lorcan Burke (he/him), Director, EMEA Service Provider and Edge, VMwareStephen Patrick, Director, CableFree, and Rafal Sanecki, Head of Marketing, IS-Wireless.

The upcoming Sonic Labs activities will focus on further exploring the RIC and its potential in energy optimisation of the network.

Companies joining the next activity include AccelleranAirspan NetworksBenetelIS-WirelessPhluidoWistron NeWeb Corporation, and Radisys Corporation, with more vendors anticipated in the coming weeks.

O-RAN ALLIANCE Advances Testing and Integration with Successful O-RAN Global PlugFest Fall 2022

O-RAN ALLIANCE Advances Testing and Integration with Successful O-RAN Global PlugFest Fall 2022

The O-RAN Global PlugFest Fall 2022 was successfully completed in 6 venues across Asia, Europe, and North America, with 106 participating companies.

O-RAN ALLIANCE global PlugFests represent a major platform enabling efficient progress of the ORAN ecosystem through well-organized testing and integration. O-RAN Global PlugFest Fall 2022 is the second O-RAN PlugFest this year. In combination with the Spring PlugFest, the 2022 O-RAN Global PlugFests span across 9 venues with 156 participants, of which many participated at more than one venue.

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