Accelleran at EuCNC & 6G Summit


 Release: 6th of June, 2024

This week we had the pleasure of participating in the EuCNC & 6G Summit held in Antwerp, Belgium. As the coordinator of the SNS BeGREEN Project , Accelleran presented the early results of our RAN Energy savings initiatives, which are critical in achieving global green goals and paving the way for a sustainable future. 

Accelleran and the Begreen Consortium

Accelleran understands the environmental impact of the densification of 5G networks, as superior speed and availability require more power. We’re part of the BeGreen consortium that explores energy-efficient solutions in Open RAN, with a focus on the RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platform. Harnessing the power of xApps and rApps on the RIC platform, we’re not only envisioning cost savings through decreased power consumption but also contributing to global sustainability targets.