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Understanding the DU and CU in Open RAN Architecture

Understanding the DU and CU in Open RAN Architecture

Open RAN has ushered in a fresh chapter for telecommunications. By championing flexibility, interoperability, and cost efficiency, Open RAN is a progressive approach to network architecture. Central to this vision are two primary components: the Distributed Unit (DU) and the Central Unit (CU). This article provides an in-depth exploration of these integral units within the Open RAN ecosystem.

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What is Open RAN?

What is Open RAN?

Open RAN uses standardised, interoperable components from multiple vendors, providing network operators with more flexibility, lower costs and greater innovation when building and maintaining wireless networks.

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Whitepaper: Automation and Optimisation for OpenRAN 

This whitepaper shows the results from testing in the Accelleran Lab and BT’s TIP community lab, as well as some supporting simulations and analytical modelling.

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