RAN Intelligent Controller: Integrating AI with RAN

Introduced in 2019, Accelleran’s Near Real-Time RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platform is vital for network operators who want to reduce infrastructure and operational costs, increase network efficiency, and enhance business agility. Moreover, it creates new revenue opportunities through customized services, network slicing, and indoor location services.

Accelleran’s dRAX-RIC is a leading option for operators and integrators aiming to utilise Open real-time RAN data and control for superior RAN Automation. It facilitates the design and integration of AI-driven xApps, significantly boosting RAN capabilities.

dRAX-RIC is engineered for seamless third-party app onboarding, scaling RAN operation automation. This reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) for mobile operators while enhancing customer experience and service quality. With easy-to-use xApps boilerplate code and comprehensive APIs, developers can quickly create unique xApps and effectively integrate RAN intelligence into their operations.

xApps and rApps: Unlocking Network Potential with RAN Automation

xApps and rApps, developed using our intuitive SDK platform and deployed on our RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC), empower operators and private networks to integrate new functionalities and services into their infrastructures. Whether optimising resource allocation during peak times, orchestrating new services, or leveraging advanced data analytics, xApps and rApps are key to proactive, intelligent RAN Automation.

Explore examples of xApps and rApps in action below, or download our comprehensive datasheet to learn more about how these applications drive RAN Automation and network efficiency.

Network Monitoring

This xApp can automates the network monitoring process and provide real-time insights into the performance of the OpenRAN network.

It can detect network anomalies, identify performance bottlenecks, and provide network operators with real-time alerts and notifications.

Energy Efficiency

This xApp optimises the energy efficiency of the network. It can analyse the energy consumption patterns of different network elements and identify opportunities for energy savings. The energy and cost savings will vary depending on the size and architecture of the network. If you’d like to hear more, get in touch today and book a meeting with us.

Other xApps/rApps and use cases:

Network Optimisation
Traffic Steering
ANR and PCI Allocation
Service Orchestration
More xApps/rApps are being created on a regular basis. Book a meeting or get in touch to learn more.

Accelleran SDK for Developers

Accelleran is committed to making the RAN developer-friendly and fostering an environment where developers can create, test and launch their own apps. The Accelleran RIC SDK and accompanying documentation have been designed to streamline all stages of this development process. 

Accelleran provides an intuitive Software Development Kit (SDK) and a range of other guides to assist our partners in developing and launching applications that run on Near-Real-Time RIC (xApps) and Non-Real-Time RIC (rApps). Want to start developing apps on our RIC? Download the Datasheet below and get in touch.

Download our RAN Intelligent Controller Datasheet


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