Pro Audio Leader, Sennheiser teams up with 5G Network Innovators, Accelleran, Cumucore and EURECOM to evaluate 3GPP 5G for live music stages

Pro Audio Leader, Sennheiser teams up with 5G Network Innovators, Accelleran, Cumucore and EURECOM to evaluate 3GPP 5G for live music stages

Published 05/12/2022

NICE, France December 5th, 2022 – 5G network innovators Accelleran, Cumucore, EURECOM and pro audio leader, Sennheiser are pleased to announce for the media and communications industries, demonstrating a latency optimized state-of-the-art private 5G network using Open RAN and Cloud Native technology with fully virtualized Core. Through extensive effort the project partners were able to significantly reduce the one-way audio streaming latency through the 5G testbed from hundreds of milliseconds at the beginning of the 5G RECORDS project down to about 10 milliseconds. Unfortunately, this does not yet meet the required fixed latency of about 1 millisecond for wireless microphone and in-ear monitoring systems in live music, which are among the most demanding applications imaginable for packet data networks. Still, high precision measurements and in-depths analysis of individual components and the end-to-end processing chain made it possible to identify bottlenecks and optimize implementations, deployments and interfaces for latency. Although some questions still remain to be answered, the work in 5G RECORDS does an important step on the way to potentially meet the requirements of a live music stage scenario with future evolution of 3GPP 5G technology.

Quote from Cumucore Mika Skarp

“We’re thrilled to be working with a world leader like Sennheiser to deliver this kind of immediately accessible, universally understandable application of a private 5G solution”, said Mika Skarp, Senior Product Manager at Cumucore. “Whereas many of our 5G deployments in critical communications or Industry 4.0 can feel somewhat esoteric to mainstream audiences, clear and comprehensible use cases like this go a long way toward humanizing 5G for the average consumer.”

Quote from Accelleran Stan Claes

“Accelleran is delighted to work alongside Sennheiser to deliver this real world, accessible Open RAN based Private 5G solution” said Stan Claes, CEO at Accelleran. “Intelligible use cases like this distinguish themselves in showing how 5G private networks bring value to a wide variety of industries – an intelligent and easily deployed private 5G solution based on an Open RAN paradigm.”

Quote from Sennheiser Dr. Jan Dürre

“The very close collaboration with outstanding mobile industry partners during the 5G-RECORDS project made it possible to explore what 5G can offer to the media industry today. Although the 5G ecosystem is not yet there for particularly demanding audio markets where lowest latency is key, we are looking forward to future developments within the mobile industry.” said Dr. Jan Dürre, research at Sennheiser.

Quote from EURECOM Prof. Raymond Knopp

“EURECOM is thrilled to have been able to collaborate with 5G-RECORDS partners on such a challenging and futuristic 5G use-case. It allowed us to ensure the interoperability of the OpenAirInterface gNodeB-DU with industry grade software from Acceleran and Cumucore and at the same time understand the limitations of current 5G technology for an application scenario as demanding as that of Sennheiser’s real-time audio processing system,” said Prof. Raymond KNOPP of EURECOM.

About Cumucore

Cumucore works to enable Next Generation mobile private networks by providing flexible and affordable mobile services that connect the world. The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland from where they deliver 4G and 5G Mobile Packet Core with reliable and easily compatible software based on a mobile core for small-scale private LTE[1] and industrial deployments. The solutions provided by Cumucore simplify mobile networks in the cloud or on-site while maintaining connection performance, security and efficiency, and allow value adding applications and services to flow through pure software networks.

About Accelleran

Accelleran was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Antwerp, Belgium. Accelleran delivers Open RAN aligned Private 5G networks for enterprises of all sizes. Their solutions are as easy to deploy as WiFi, leveraging an ecosystem of partners to deliver a real-world deployment of multi-vendor, disaggregated Private 5G. Accelleran stands ready to build private 5G cellular networks that bring intelligence, automation and an enhanced user experience, enabling real-time control of the network. For more information visit

About Sennheiser

We live and breathe audio. We are driven by the passion to create audio solutions that make a difference. Building the future of audio and bringing remarkable sound experiences to our customers – this is what the Sennheiser brand has represented for more than 75 years. Sennheiser is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of professional audio solutions such as microphones, meeting solutions, streaming technologies, and monitoring systems.


A Graduate School and research centre at the heart of the digital society, EURECOM is a French engineering school (Grande Ecole) with a strong international perspective, and as such has been playing a key role in the international higher education landscape for more than 30 years. EURECOM is part of the Institut Mines-Télécom school group, and is a founding member of the SophiaTech Campus in Sophia Antipolis, the largest Science and Technology Information campus in the Alpes Maritimes. EURECOM is also a member of the Secured Communication Solutions (SCS) competitiveness cluster. Teaching and research activities are organized around three themes of growing impact: digital security, communication systems and data science.


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