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Node-H and Accelleran show 5G SA O-RAN interoperability in German industrial trials

Release: 23rd May 2023

Node-H and Accelleran are supporting 5G SA trials with leading Germany companies in which Accelleran’s RIC and CU work alongside Node-H’s DU/RU to create low-cost but sophisticated Campus Networks.

Node-H and Accelleran have worked together to integrate their 5G SA technology to seamlessly support a 5G SA solution which combines the RIC and CU from Accelleran and the DU and RU from Node-H, integrated on the technology of its hardware partners, Askey and T&W. This provides mobile operators and system integrators an O-RAN compliant solution in a simple-to-deploy form and as low-cost solution. It also provides an upgrade path to support a range of indoor and outdoor products supporting different powers and bands, all based around the same low-cost hardware platform, as well as a roadmap to Rel-16 and Rel-17 as the platforms evolve.

Accelleran’s O-RAN based Private Networks solution combines its market leading cloud-native 5G SA CU, RIC and SMO components with the ecosystem’s best-in-class DUs and RUs, to deliver a turnkey solution that meets the needs of even the most demanding of industry use cases. With the addition of Node-H’s technology, Accelleran is expanding its solution portfolio with high performance and cost-effective radios that addresses use cases across a wide range of industries. The integration of Node-H’s technology enhances Accelleran’s offerings by delivering performance at a competitive price point, fulfilling the increasing demand for reliable and affordable 5G infrastructure solutions.

Since 2019, Accelleran has been pioneering the development of the RIC, successfully integrating it as an intelligent and automation platform. The RIC platform offers enhanced control, enabling the optimisation of network performance and the ability to achieve a new level of operational efficiency in both private and public networks.

Node-H’s DU technology uses the latest System-on-a-Chip from Qualcomm to provide a robust solution which scales economically to enable wide-scale deployments. Node-H has a proven track-record of deploying its RAN software at scale with key carriers. Its 4G enterprise RAN solution is deployed on multiple continents, and leading operators have approved Node-H-based solutions for deployment on their networks. Node-H now offers a fully tested option-2 O-RAN DU interface and O-RAN O1 and E2 interfaces to allow interoperability with our eco-system partners.

Node-H is a member of the flagship project of the German CampusOS initiative. CampusOS is funded by the German government with the goal of creating an ecosystem for 5G campus networks on the basis of open and modular radio technologies and interoperable network components. The aim is to drive competition and innovation in order to strengthen the digital sovereignty of companies in Germany and Europe. System Integrators are using the integrated solution to address opportunities at leading industrial companies in Germany in the scope of the CampusOS initiative, and trials of the solution are also underway in the UK.

Node-H CEO Mike Cronin comments that “We are delighted to partner with Accelleran to enrich the range of solutions that operators and system integrators can choose from for Private and Public 5G SA networks, with the emphasis on O-RAN compliancy, aligning with the trends that the people who deploy the networks want to see.”

Accelleran CEO Stan Claes adds “Our collaboration with Node-H is an exciting step forward, as we integrate a cost-effective and easily deployable indoor RU/DU into our suite of O-RAN solutions. This partnership not only expands our offerings but also bolsters the performance and cost-effectiveness of private networks.”

About Accelleran:

Accelleran HQ is based in Antwerp, Belgium. Accelleran has been a pioneer of Open Radio Access Networks since its foundation in 2013.

Accelleran builds Private 5G Networks that bring intelligence and automation to the RAN. Accelleran dRAX™ platform (RIC, SMO, xApp/rApp SDK and CU) is as easy to as install as WiFi, leveraging Accelleran’s ecosystem of DU and RU partners. Our solution is genuinely cloud native, delivering a reliable and scalable Private 5G solution, aligned with Open RAN standards.

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About Node-H:

Node-H is a specialist software developer of RAN software, including 5G NR. Node-H software is deployed in operator networks around the world, including the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Node-H software drives Europe’s largest small cell deployment, with over 4 million small cells.

Node-H’s focus is now on 5G SA RAN for Campus Networks. Node-H-based cells are available now and support various O-RAN techniques to be good neighbors in a heterogenous Network environment. Node-H is a member of the core team of the BMWK’s CampusOS Project, which brings together many of the top companies in Germany to perfect the technology of Campus Networks. This involves interacting with large and small players to ensure that the Node-H RAN technology is seamlessly integrated with the technology from other players in the industry.

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