Accelleran Private 5G Solution Information for Systems Integrators

Accelleran’s solution is Open-RAN aligned, enabling a continuous integration of a growing array of Radio Units from various vendors. We offer a tailored solution supporting a range of frequency bands. Our solution has been deployed across multiple industry verticals, from small to large scale scenarios, and is as easy to deploy as Wi-Fi. 

O-RU Type O-RU Type 1 O-RU Type 2 O-RU Type 3
Scenario Indoor  Outdoor  Indoor
Frequency band  N78 / N79 N78 / N77U N78
Power (at antenna port) 250mW/24dBm 5W/37dBm 250mW/24dBm
HW MIMO (SW Support) 4T4R (2T1R) 4T4R (2T1R) 2T2R
Architecture Option 7.2 Option 7.2 Option 2
Bandwidths 40, 100MHz 40, 100MHz 10 to 100MHz
UEs/RU 64 64 64
Throughput DL 1400Mbps 1400Mbps 650Mbps
Throughput UL 85Mbps 85Mbps 75Mbps

Accelleran RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) Solution Information for Systems Integrators

The RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) plays a pivotal role in advancing Open Network architectures by fostering vendor interoperability and enhancing network intelligence, flexibility, and programmability. This innovation is crucial for service providers as it helps in cutting down both infrastructure and operational expenses, elevating network efficiency, and amplifying business adaptability. Moreover, RIC paves the way for generating additional revenue through customised services, network slicing, and indoor location services.

Accelleran’s dRAX-RIC, a leading RAN Intelligent Controller, is a trusted choice for operators and integrators seeking a production-ready platform to harness the power of Open real-time RAN data and control mechanisms. Its versatility allows users to seamlessly design and integrate their AI-based xApps, thereby significantly enhancing RAN intelligence and automation.

Our RIC is specifically designed to enable the onboarding of third-party applications that automate and optimise RAN operations at scale. These capabilities support innovative use cases that reduce mobile operators’ total cost of ownership (TCO) and enhance customers’ quality of experience (QoE) and quality of service (QoS).

Crafted with user convenience in mind, dRAX-RIC comes with ready-to-use xApps boilerplate code and fully documented APIs. This accessibility makes it an inviting platform for third-party developers, enabling them to not only quickly create their unique xApps but also smoothly integrate RAN intelligence and control into their specific workflow.

An elevated telecoms environment, powered by sophisticated AI capabilities and streamlined automation.

About Accelleran

Accelleran HQ is based in Antwerp, Belgium. Accelleran has been a pioneer of Open Radio Access Networks since its foundation in 2013.

Accelleran builds Private 5G Networks that bring intelligence and automation to the RAN. Accelleran dRAX™ platform (RIC, SMO, xApp/rApp SDK and CU) is as easy to as install as WiFi, leveraging Accelleran’s ecosystem of DU and RU partners. Our solution is genuinely cloud native, delivering a reliable and scalable Private 5G solution, aligned with Open RAN standards.

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