Open RAN Radio Units (O-RU)

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Discover our pre-integrated selection of radio units, each rigorously tested for seamless interoperability. We’re constantly synchronising our products with partners’ advancements to ensure optimal functionality. If you’re interested in becoming part of our ecosystem, get in touch today.


Private 5G SolutionWhat is Open RAN?

What are Open RAN Radio Units (O-RU)?

O-RU refers to Open RAN Radio Units. These radio units align with Open RAN standards, paving the way for enhanced flexibility and fostering innovation.

Thanks to our diverse range of integrated vendors, we’re equipped to cater to a myriad of scenarios—be it indoor or outdoor—and can work across multiple power bands, frequencies, and bandwidths, ensuring the most optimal solution tailored to your specific needs.

Our radio units are a key component of our Open Private 5G solution. This turnkey standalone package is designed with the simplicity of WiFi deployment in mind.

We’re continuously expanding our network of O-RU partners. Want to be part of our growing ecosystem with your product?

    Accelleran Ecosystem: Open RAN Interoperable Radio Units (ORU)

    These radio units have been integrated into our Open-RAN aligned dRAX solution, hence the term O-RU. By embracing the open architecture, we extend the promise of customisation, interoperability, and future-proof solutions. These O-RUs form a pivotal component of our offering, ensuring seamless connectivity while bringing the flexibility and efficiency of Open RAN to the heart of your 5G network.


    Benetel RAN 550
    Benetel RAN 650
    Benetel RAN 650
    Cablefree 5G
    Node-H T&W /
    Askey 5G
    Scenario Indoor  Outdoor  Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
    Frequency band  N78 / N79 N78 / N77U N39 / N77 / N78 N78
    Power (at antenna port) 250mW/24dBm 5W/37dBm Several up to 20W/43dBm 250mW/24dBm
    HW MIMO (SW Support) 4T4R (2T1R) 4T4R (2T1R) 2T2R (4T4R) 2T2R
    Architecture Option 7.2 Option 7.2 Option 7.2 Option 2
    Other Information 40, 100MHz 40, 100MHz 10 to 100MHz 10 to 100MHz