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Open RAN interoperable Radio Units

While open standards are prerequisite to delivering truly interoperable products, integrating the individual components into a working solution remains a task cut out for our experts. Providing pre-integrated third-party RUs deliver an easy access towards a multi-sourced Radio Access Network.

The following RUs have been verified for interoperability with Accelleran’s products. We are continuously working with our partners to ensure proper functionality as products evolve, and have partnerships in place to build bespoke RUs for specific applications.

Benetel RAN 650 5G Outdoor, 4x4MIMO 100MHz Multiple (Contact us)
Benetel RAN 550 5G Indoor, 4×4 MIMO, 100MHz, 24dBm Band n78 *
Cablefree 5G Outdoor 4×4 MIMO, 100MHz Multiple (Contact us)

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