Accelleran xApp/rApp Developer Course

Get started and bring Intelligence to the RAN

Accelleran x/rApp Developer course

Accelleran has created a comprehensive multiple-video instructional course on how to develop your own xApps and rApps and deploy them on our RAN intelligent platform.

This is your chance to join an ever-growing ecosystem of apps, which include energy saving, network optimisation and more.

Energy Efficiency

This xApp optimises the energy efficiency of the network. It can analyse the energy consumption patterns of different network elements and identify opportunities for energy savings. 

The energy and cost savings will vary depending on the size and architecture of the network. 

Network Monitoring 

This xApp can automates the network monitoring process and provide real-time insights into the performance of the OpenRAN network.

It can detect network anomalies, identify performance bottlenecks, and provide network operators with real-time alerts and notifications.

Other xApps/rApps and use cases:

  • Network Optimisation
  • Traffic Steering
  • ANR and PCI Allocation
  • Service Orchestration

More xApps/rApps are being created on a regular basis. Why not start creating your own?

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