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Highlights: Accelleran Exhibition and Panel at UKTIN Event “Unleashing the Power of AI in Telecoms”

Accelleran proudly participated in the “Unleashing the Power of AI in Telecoms” event, hosted by the UK Telecoms Innovation Network (UKTIN) on February 1st, 2024, in London. This pivotal conference spotlighted Artificial Intelligence’s transformative role in the telecommunications industry, aligning with our mission to drive innovation in the telecom sector. As a leading voice in the conversation around AI and telecoms, Accelleran not only exhibited at the event but also contributed to critical panel discussions, underscoring our commitment to advancing telecoms technology.

Accelleran exhibiting our Energy Saving xApp demo at the event


Our Chief Sales Officer, Arnaud Polster, took an active role in the “AI Application & Innovation” panel, sharing the stage with experts from the industry. This panel delved into how AI applications are revolutionising telecoms, offering insights into the future of network operations and the potential for AI to catalyze the transition from traditional telecom models to more agile, intelligent infrastructures. Accelleran’s engagement in this discussion highlighted our forefront position in leveraging AI to enhance telecoms networks, specifically through our RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platform.

The event was a melting pot of ideas, with UKTIN’s AI Expert Working Group unveiling comprehensive research on AI trends in telecoms. This aligns with Accelleran’s vision of harnessing AI to address the challenges and opportunities within the telecom industry. Our participation and exhibit showcased the RIC platform, demonstrating our innovative approach to bringing intelligence to the RAN with xApps and rApps, further emphasising our role as a disruptor in the Open RAN ecosystem.

Accelleran’s presence at this event was not just about showcasing our technology but also about contributing to and learning from the collective wisdom of the industry. The discussions around the power of AI, the challenges of network complexity, and the importance of a smart national infrastructure resonated with our goals of driving efficiency and innovation in telecoms.

As tickets for the UKTIN conference sold out, we were thrilled by the enthusiasm of attendees to engage with leaders in AI and telecoms. For those who could not join us, we invite you to explore our RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platform through our website, where you can access detailed information and insights into how we’re shaping the future of telecoms with AI.

Looking ahead, Accelleran is excited to continue the conversation at the Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona. We invite attendees to secure a meeting with us.