Accelleran RAN Intelligent Controller

Where RAN meets AI


Accelleran’s Near Real-time RAN Intelligent controller (RIC) was first launched in 2019 and is a key milestone in the transformation of the RAN network to more open, fully interoperable, and virtualised network.


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Accelleran RIC: Where RAN meets AI

The RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) is an AI-based system that manages radio access networks (RAN) for optimised performance, reduced costs and new services. It provides real-time analytics for informed decision-making and better network performance.

Accelleran partners with multiple vendors to create an “App store” of xApps and rApps, expediting automation, services, and RAN optimisation. Our developer-friendly dRAX RIC features a Software Development Kit (SDK) with open APIs for easy app creation, running on cloud infrastructure.

It’s a fully productised solution with comprehensive training and intuitive developer resources.

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dRAX-RIC: RAN Automation

Accelleran dRAX™-RIC delivers a truly Cloud-Native near real-time RAN Intelligent Controller as per O-RAN, that enables near real-time control and optimisation of Open RAN elements and resources under its control.

At the basis of the dRAX™-RIC lies a framework that provides all the necessary functions for onboarding and life cycle management of xApps. It supports the deployment of containerized xApps and provides them with a number of services:

  • xApps onboarding and lifecycle management
  • Access to real-time RAN measurements and events
  • Configuration of RAN components
  • Real-time commands to direct RAN behaviour (e.g. force a handover, sub-band masking)
  • Real-time state database
  • Inter xApps communication
  • API-driven xApps configuration and policy management

Operators and integrators alike use dRAX-RIC today as a production-ready development   platform to leverage Open real-time RAN data and control hooks to create their own AI-based xApps and enhance RAN intelligence and automation. 

Featuring ready-to-use xApps boilerplate and clearly documented APIs, dRAX-RIC makes it a breeze for third-party developers to quickly create their own xApps and integrate RAN intelligence and control in their workflow. 

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