Accelleran’s 5G dRAX™ cloud-native Open RAN software now available

dRAX™ containerised cloud-native software components deliver openness and intelligence to Radio Access Networks, building on the market proven 4G dRAX platform.

Antwerp, Belgium – 21 June 2021 – Accelleran, a leading provider of Open RAN software solutions for 4G/5G networks, announces the immediate availability of 5G Standalone dRAX™ cloud-native OpenRAN software components.

Delivering reliable, cost-effective, and exceptionally scalable solutions for both 4G and 5G networks, dRAX™ implements the key control and resource management functions of the RAN, including Service Orchestration, RIC, CU-CP, and CU-UP. Comprising proven, cloud-native and microservice-based software components, dRAX™ enables real-world deployment of multi-vendor, disaggregated Open RAN, aligned with open standards such as the O-RAN Alliance.

Fully integrated with popular orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes, dRAX™ supports cost-effective deployments by leveraging standard IT DevOps and CI/CD practices. Along with this ease of implementation, the dRAX™ RIC offers a production-ready Open RAN development platform, enabling real-time RAN data to be leveraged to create AI-based xApps and enhanced RAN intelligence and automation.

dRAX™’s exceptional scalability supports everything from small-scale office deployments to large-scale solutions with multi-node clustering, load balancing, geo-redundancy, and edge services, benefitting mobile network operators, neutral host operators and system integrators alike.  Developers can either integrate dRAX™ software components into their own solutions or leverage Accelleran’s capability to deliver turnkey Open RAN networks.

“Accelleran’s approach with dRAX™ is unique in the marketplace, unleashing the full potential of OpenRAN by addressing several key requirements for organisations deploying private networks in different verticals,” says Frédéric Van Durme, Accelleran’s CEO. “Our customers have the choice of building dRAX™ into their solutions, or they can benefit from our expertise in pre-integrating dRAX™ with a range of DU, RU and Core solutions from our partners within the Open RAN ecosystem.”

dRAX™ is a prime example of the disruptive technologies required to stimulate a truly open, disaggregated RAN. Accelleran’s position as an innovative player in the Open RAN ecosystem is underlined by its inclusion in the SmartRAN Open Network Interoperability Centre (SONIC) programme and its membership of the Telecom Infra Project’s (TIP) strategic openRAN group.